Passion is the beginning

I wrote a story about a poolhouse in Denver’s Stapleton suburb for the fall issue of Modern In Denver (read story here: Pool House3). The magazine celebrates all things modern in the Denver area, from local artists and furniture builders to fascinating buildings and novel knickknacks. Modern In Denver connects the Denver community with those who inspired mid-century modern design — the Bauhaus school of design to influentials such as Herman Miller and Arnie Jacobsen — as well as today’s contemporary artists and architects. This was the first story where I got to write about both art and architecture and how they interact to create an aesthetic and functional space.

Writing about art and architecture has been an evolving experience for me. I have written a few stories about artists and their works and have written stories about interior design, as well. Modern architecture is something I have always appreciated and I was very excited to write this story for Modern In Denver. I have another story coming out in the winter issue about the architect Norman Cherner, his ties to Herman Miller and the controversy and history behind his Cherner Chair.

My love for art and architecture has deep roots. My mom is a talented artist and dad’s passion for architecture piles high in house plan drawings and design books. When I was in seventh grade, I decided I wanted to be an architect and interviewed a local architect in Naples, Fla. asking him what it took. At 17, I studied abroad at Cambridge University’s Jesus College, where I took an architecture class, rehashing my feelings for space and design. Then again, that love came bubbling up my sophomore year at Boston University. I ended up leaving BU after I was accepted at Boston Architectural College and was about to start a six-year track to becoming an architect. The story ends with me sticking to journalism. I am an editor and writer, after all. But, architecture and design is something I will always admire.

I am so thrilled and thankful for my life as a writer and editor. It’s one of those jobs where every day I can honestly say I love what I do. I will always have passion for art, architecture and design, and I’m so happy that being a writer allows me to write about these passions.

As I start a new chapter in my life on Tuesday, I’m excited for the paths I will take, things I will learn and new passions I will discover through my writing. Here’s to a new avenue and discovering new passions.

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