I’m a BRO now

November was a very exciting month for me. I moved to Charlottesville, Va., and started a job as editor-in-chief of Breathe Magazine, a publication for active women that is distributed throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions.

Breathe is under Summit Publishing’s umbrella with Blue Ridge Outdoors, Elevation Outdoors and the Mountain Gazette. It’s funny, because I knew of Breathe’s brother publications before I started reading Breathe. I knew of the Mountain Gazette because it’s distributed throughout the Rockies, and I have spent a decent part of my life skiing in Summit County, Colo. As for Elevation Outdoors, I read it when I lived in Boulder, Colo. And then, when moving to Lynchburg, Va., I noticed that the masthead design of Blue Ridge Outdoors was very similar to Elevation Outdoors, and then put two and two together. It’s crazy to think that two years ago I was reading Elevation in Boulder and a year ago I was reading Blue Ridge Outdoors in Lynchburg and now, here I am working as the editor of their sister magazine. The world is a curious place. I’m just so thankful!

I did a little story on DIY backyard ski hills for Blue Ridge Outdoors this month. Check it out. I had a ton more to say on it but my story was cut down a bit. When I settle down and have a lot of land, I hope to be able to do a massive DIY ski project like this.

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