Savannah: Buzzworthy Bees

As most of my friends know, my goal in life is to have a menagerie. I want llamas, goats, chickens, ducks, peacocks, piggies (pot and teacup), rabbits, barn cats and a whole lot of dogs. Another animal now on my list — after visiting the Savannah Bee Company — is bees.

The Savannah Bee Co. has two shops in Savannah — one off Broughton and another down by the river. The bee company’s factory is on Wilmington Island, about a 15 minute drive from the historic downtown area.

We visited the bee company’s factory to see the bottling and big ol’ drums of honey.

Ted, founder and owner of the company, took us through the factory and showed us stored honey comb that awaits its honey extraction.

We ventured outside, around the back of the factory, to see the hives of worker bees. Ted soothed the bees with smoke and gingerly pulled out panels of honeycomb and bees.

The bee company makes more than just honey. With all that beeswax and honey, they have a line of body products, too.

Here I am standing in front of one of the hives, clad in my bee garb. I think it’s a nice look and can see myself as a beekeeper in the future! Savannah Bee Company was one of the highlights of my trip. I highly recommend it if you are visiting the area.

2 thoughts on “Savannah: Buzzworthy Bees

  1. Camels & Chocolate says:

    I’m still green with envy you got to do this! Wish I could have stuck around. It looks way fun, and you’re so cute in your beekeeper ensemble! I’ve been using the honey on my face daily–hope it works and that I’m not just wasting a perfectly good condiment =)

  2. marissahermanson says:

    It was such a blast! Let me know how the honey is working out for your face. I’ve been wanting to make a honey exfoliant and am afraid to DIY it. I don’t want to waste my precious Savannah Bee honey!

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