Breathe Magazine September Issue

Very excited about the September issue of Breathe and not because I’m on the cover. Yes, that is my backside gracing the cover.

This cover shoot was hectic. I’m honestly surprised we walked away with an image, considering the circumstances and everything that was working against us. Our designer Amanda and I were kayaking and canoeing on the Lower Jackson River right outside of Covington, Va., in Bath County. I was in the canoe with our guide and she was taking photos from the kayak.

At the end of our adventure, right before we got out of the river at Petticoat Junction, we shot this cover image. A bridge was in front of us — not ideal as “background” for our cover — so we turned the canoe around so its bow was pointing upstream, with the current running forcefully against us. While turning the canoe in the river, Amanda was simultaneously braiding my hair and juggling the camera (I sitting there helplessly, clutching my oar). Our guide was holding the canoe from the back, being oh, so patient with us ladies and our requests. The shoot was definitely rushed, but Amanda rocked it and got this image. We had bad lighting; it was noon and the sun was right above us. The current was pushing us downstream. We thought we were going to need to do a re-shoot. But, Amanda nailed it under pressure while I just sat there with oar in hand.

All in all, great cover image for Breathe!

Amanda turned this ridiculous picture of me into a teaser for our September issue. Notice Amanda’s reflection in my glasses. Apple of my eye!

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