Breathe November-December issue release

This issue really makes me happy, because so much went into it. A majority of the writing, photographing, cooking, food styling, crafting and glitterizing (adding glitter to something) all went down in-house. I’m so proud of all the hard work and creativity that went into Breathe’s holiday issue.

Amanda, our designer, spent many an evening staying up late in the Breathe attic, crafting and DIY-ing holiday gifts — fashioning mason jar snow globes, hand-painting cocktail napkins and glitterizing miniature dinosaur figurines and world landmarks (these went into the snow globe).And then there was the epic day of cooking. I spent five hours doused in flour, covered in beaten-egg and on-foot in my kitchen, cooking for our Holidays Tapas-Style feature story, which we ended up photoshooting right on my coffee table, an old, wooden trunk.

Out of all the issues Amanda and I have put out, this has to be the issue where we’ve been the most resourceful. Goes to show that with a lot of love and pride, you can pull off any feat.

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