Embrace the Yurt

I’m one of those people who gets really into what I write about. For the latest issue of Breathe — it was the idea of yurts. Some of the people I interviewed for my story have yurts as their primary residence and said they embraced the idea of yurt living because it allows them to avoid having a mortgage and house payments. (What a great idea!) Other people I spoke with built their yurt as a low-cost getaway where they could get off the grid and be surrounded by nature.

As much as I love the idea of a yurt, I don’t know if I could go whole-hog and live in one full time, just because I have so much stuff (#firstworldproblems). I definitely could get down with the idea as having one as a getaway though. I did some Pinteresting while writing my story for Breathe and found these three super cozy yurts. Would you ever live in a yurt full time?

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