Mommy blogger cover story for C-Ville Weekly

I wrote this week’s cover story for C-Ville Weekly on the phenomenon of mommy blogging. While living in Charlottesville the story was assigned to me as one of my freelance projects. I found it interesting to write as a young woman and writer who is always looking for older female role models, especially those who are mothers.

Mommy bloggers are not new — they have been around for nearly a decade. But, the point of my story was to see if now (almost a decade later) the genre has been tarnished. In the story I take a look at four Charlottesville mommy bloggers and inject my opinion (yes, journalists do that). Be sure to read the story here. Also, be sure to leave a comment. It’s generated a lot of commentary. Not sure if most of it is local to Charlottesville or from elsewhere. But, it’s great to see such a heated debate.

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