My Colonial Williamsburg reviews for Forbes Travel Guide

Forbes Travel Guide Williamsburg InnAs I mentioned in a previous blog post, I’m venturing more into the world of travel journalism, which is exciting. Last month I took a jaunt to Colonial Williamsburg on behalf of Forbes Travel Guide. While there I reviewed the Williamsburg Inn, Williamsburg Lodge, The Spa of Colonial Williamsburg and Golden Horseshoe Golf Club. To read my review on the inn, click here.Forbes Travel Guide Williamsburg LodgeTo read my review of Williamsburg Lodge, click here.
Forbes Travel Guide The Spa of Colonial WilliamsburgTo read my review of The Spa of Colonial Williamsburg, click here.
Forbes Travel Guide Golden Horsehoe Golf ClubTo read my review of the Golden Horseshoe Golf Club, click here.

I also reviewed the Sanderling Resort, its spa, and its restaurant Kimball’s Kitchen for Forbes Travel Guide. To read those reviews, click here.

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