6.3.18 Media Jobs List

June is officially here, which means you all are probably thinking more about vacay than work. Rather than list all journalism jobs this week, I sprinkled in a few marketing gigs.

SheKnows is looking for a Director of Influencer Marketing. If you have a posse of big-time social media “pals,” this is the job for you. More here.

This freelance gig with Arrivedo keeps popping up on my radar, but I can’t say I know anything about the company. If you are looking to do some travel writing while sitting at home in your PJs though, this may be up your alley. More here.

If you are right out of college or new in your journalism career, this Editorial Assistant job with Shape sounds pretty cool. Ideally candidates should have a previous internship that focused on beauty and/or fitness. For those who are more seasoned, Shape is looking for an Executive Editor with 7 to 8 years of digital experience. More here.

The travel-meets-food site Roads & Kingdoms is looking for a New York-based Digital Producer. If you are a food lover, you must check out this beautiful site. More here.

Pouring over gorgeous photography and compelling stories, seriously, who didn’t dream of working for Nat Geo as a kid? National Geographic is on the hunt for a Senior Content Director and an Instagram Account Director. More here.

As a hypochondriac, I find myself on WebMD researching my latest ailment more frequently than I’d like to admit, which is why I could never apply for their Associate Editor job. If you have the strength to write about illnesses and disorders without worrying that you are going to keel over, then this job is for you. More here.

If your interests are a.) health, b.) the big blue planet we call Earth, or c.) all of the above, then mosey on over to MindBodyGreen, and read all about their Social Media Manager gig. More here.

After laying off a third of their newsroom in March, The Denver Post is hiring a Breaking News Reporter and a Senior Editor. [scratches head …]

Happy job hunting! xo, marissa

Check out last week’s job listings here.

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