7.8.18 Media Jobs List

I’ve been MIA on vacation, and I’m baaack! Since I haven’t been trolling job sites regularly, I’m keeping this week’s list of media jobs short and sweet.

Here in RVA, Baskervill is looking for an entry-level brand storyteller. As someone who has worked with Baskervill’s marketing folks on several stories, I can only say great things about the company. More about the job here.

The B2B publication Industry Dive is on the hunt for a restaurant reporter in Washington D.C. It should be noted that the job description specifically states: “This position will not be writing restaurant reviews.” I imagine this means that in the past applicants have assumed that there is eating on the job. More here.

The fabulous website Curbed, which is dedicated to all things urban living, is still looking for a D.C. editor (seriously … if no one wants this job, I’ll totally take it) along with a New Orleans editor and a Miami editor. More here.

My former employer Summit Media (RIP Breathe Magazine) is on the hunt for a publisher for their magazine Elevation Outdoors in Boulder, Colorado. More here.

New York Media is hiring a Deputy TV editor for their site Vulture. Job requirements include being able to sit in front of the television for hours on end and downing bags of popcorn. (JK … not really.) More here.

My new favorite healthy living site Greatist is looking for editorial interns to work in their NYC office. Benefits include unlimited snacks and office happy hours. Sold! More here.

Ciao! Marissa

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