Surprising 2019 Design Predictions

Courtesy of Muuto.

January signals new beginnings, and in the design world that means publications are putting out trend forecasts that predict everything from colors to decor. For the past month my inbox has been inundated with lifestyle e-newsletters telling me what’s new and hot for 2019, so I figured I’d do a little roundup of trends that piqued my interest, both positively and negatively.

Read ahead, and if you are a design pro — or an admirer like me — I’d love to hear your thoughts on this year’s trends.


>> Washington Post <<

The Washington Post chatted with Houzz’s editor for this year’s design forecast. The website’s predictions are based off of activity on their site and tips from industry experts. Houzz’s list hits on some pretty obvious trends that currently are happening, like dynamic backsplashes, moody colors,  dining benches and free-standing tubs. I got excited when I saw  “tuxedo kitchens” on the list and then after reading further, realized that it’s just a fancy way of referring to kitchens with black cabinets and white decorative details. Hasn’t this been happening for a while? I think this look is more timeless than trendy. Hence referring to the style as a classic ensemble like the “tuxedo.”

I also was surprised to see “four-wall accent color” on the list. What could this possibly be, I pondered. “Instead of a bold-colored feature wall, homeowners are opting to paint all the walls,” writes the author of the story. I hate to break it to ya, Houzz, but painting all the walls in a room is not a trend. It’s a standard practice that’s been happening for eons.

>> Lonny <<

Lonny published a trend roundup based off of Pinterest’s top home trends report, which was an interesting angle to take on. After all, Pinterest gives you a good look at what all the lifestyle bloggers are interested in. The list includes bold wallpapers, cactus arrangements  and geometric paint — all decorative elements that make me think of a millennial lifestyle influencer’s Instagram feed. Things I found exciting were mustard yellow, natural swimming pools (my inner Floridian approves!) and textile art.

>> Domino <<

While Domino wrote a similar story to Lonny based off the same Pinterest report (can anyone say press release?), they also published a series of in-depth posts on specific trends for 2019. These include curvaceous coffee tables, plywood, European-inspired kitchens,  and a popular seat called the Jeanneret chair.

Ahead of the gang, Domino also published a story back in September on trends to watch for this year based off of attending big international design shows. Predictions include sustainability (dramatic eye-roll), high-end Scandinavian furnishings (think Muuto, not IKEA) and ’70s-inspired hues like orange and yellow.

>> Remodelista <<

Remodelista had the most thought-provoking roundup of trends for 2019, ranging from fringe-skirted lounge chairs to oversized pendant lamps. I appreciated how specific the editors were with decor. Some peculiar trends though made me take a double-take, namely handmade soap dishes and quirky rattan lamps. Say what?!

>> House Beautiful <<

House Beautiful broke down their design roundup by subject matter. Bathroom trends to watch for are concrete, unique mirrors and industrial-inspired hardware. In the kitchen, the forecast includes matte black (there’s that tuxedo kitchen again!), stonework and beadboard. And color-wise look out for muted pastels, terra cotta and mushroom (AKA gross beige — which is hard for me to believe).

. . .

I have some fun posts planned for the future. Since I’ve been busy nesting and preparing for the arrival of our baby, I think it would be fun to write a post about nursery decor trends. There’s some cool stuff out there!

I also have a post in the works against book styling. Quite a few people reacted via Facebook to my last blog post, specifically calling out how outrageous the backwards books trend is. I’m going to take all that energy and run with it, because you won’t believe the crazy ways in which people are styling their books.

I’d love to hear what you are interested in reading about! xo, marissa

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