Virginia travel stories in Southern Living

southern living april 2014 coverHey friends,

I wrote a travel story on Lynchburg, Virginia, that is published in the April issue of Southern Living. Lynchburg always will have a special place in my heart. After leaving Colorado, I lived in Lynchburg for about two years and worked at the town’s newspaper as a page designer and copy editor. When I moved there I was lost and confused and ended up finding myself and a tribe of people I have come to love. So, having this travel story published means very, very much to me. Be sure to grab a copy or read the story here. My story is only printed in the MVA travel zones, which are distributed in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

Also, back in November Southern Living published a travel story I wrote on where to shop in Charlottesville, Virginia, on their website. Read that story here.

I have a few other travel pieces I wrote for Southern Living that I’m hoping to see in print soon. Stay tuned!

Cheers, marissa

Richmond magazine’s Weekend Escapes issue

richmond mag_march2014One of the last projects I worked on as associate editor at Richmond magazine was helping put together the travel package “Weekend Escapes” for the March issue. I wrote about an outdoor adventure I took to Bath County, Virginia, where I spent a few days mountain biking, fly fishing, kayaking, canoeing and relaxing at Natural Retreat’s Meadow Lane properties. I was excited to see that my travel story made the cut for the cover. What a great image of beautiful Bath County! Grab a copy from newsstands! cheers, marissa

My Colonial Williamsburg reviews for Forbes Travel Guide

Forbes Travel Guide Williamsburg InnAs I mentioned in a previous blog post, I’m venturing more into the world of travel journalism, which is exciting. Last month I took a jaunt to Colonial Williamsburg on behalf of Forbes Travel Guide. While there I reviewed the Williamsburg Inn, Williamsburg Lodge, The Spa of Colonial Williamsburg and Golden Horseshoe Golf Club. To read my review on the inn, click here.Forbes Travel Guide Williamsburg LodgeTo read my review of Williamsburg Lodge, click here.
Forbes Travel Guide The Spa of Colonial WilliamsburgTo read my review of The Spa of Colonial Williamsburg, click here.
Forbes Travel Guide Golden Horsehoe Golf ClubTo read my review of the Golden Horseshoe Golf Club, click here.

I also reviewed the Sanderling Resort, its spa, and its restaurant Kimball’s Kitchen for Forbes Travel Guide. To read those reviews, click here.

Visit Savannah, the spooky south

I visited Savannah in March and fell in love with the city — the food, scenery, history … to-go cups. I decided to save my Savannah trip for the October issue of Breathe since it would finally be cooling off in the low country and also because Savannah just happens to be America’s Most Haunted City. Perfect timing for October, indeed.

While I was in Savannah, I met Kristin Luna, an amazing travel journalist and the brains behind the blog Luckily Kristin not only happens to be a talented writer, but she’s also a phenomenal photographer, so we featured her photos alongside my story. Very excited to share some ink with my friend Kristin.

Indian Summer

Breathe designer and photographer Amanda and I took a R & R retreat to Virginia Hot Springs for our Indian Summer cover story for the September issue. I usually see these travel trips as “work” (if you’re a travel journalist with an agenda, you’ll understand this, and if you aren’t I sound spoiled), but that definitely wasn’t the case with this trip. Amanda and I instantly bonded with our guides at Natural Retreats, and it was just what we needed after putting out three consecutive issues by ourselves. It was a well-deserved trip indeed. Check out my story on the area and Amanda’s awesome photos of our trip in the September issue (flip to page 15). For a more snarky take on the September issue (and my dislike for football), click here.

Also, win a Virginia Hot Springs spa and sport retreat with Natural Retreats (just like our trip!) through Breathe Magazine here. And check out some of the cool photos Amanda (via nice camera) and I (via iPhone) took below.

Colorado in the summer

20120730-190032.jpgI just got back from visiting my parents and brother in Colorado. Spent six days between Denver and Breckenridge and it wasn’t nearly enough time to do all the things I wanted to do. Was hoping to get to Aspen and Boulder to see friends. Definitely next time. Check out some iPhone photos I snapped from my recent adventure.

20120730-190048.jpgGot to spend a few days with my older brother. People have mistaken us for twins in the past, which I find funny because he is a good nine inches taller than me.

20120730-190111.jpgMy parents have a gorgeous view from their front deck. Woke up and drank my coffee on their front patio every morning. Heaven.

20120730-190124.jpgMy bro and I took out the mountain bikes for a spin in the rain.

20120730-190138.jpgBought a new pair of 4FRNT Madonnas while I was out there. Thank god for summer ski sales!

20120730-190207.jpgOne morning we walked downtown to take a gondola ride. The gondola goes up Peak 8 with a stop in Cucumber Gulch and another right before Peak 8 base.


20120730-190243.jpgWe brought my bro’s dog Sophie along for the gondola ride. She didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as we did.



20120730-190411.jpgMy mom and I spent one morning biking from Breckenridge to Frisco.




20120730-190524.jpgSome bad weather put a damper on our biking trip though.

20120730-190534.jpgOn our last day in mountains, we drove over to the Sapphire Point Overlook at Lake Dillon. Check out these gorgeous views!




20120730-190638.jpgMy bro lives in downtown Denver, so naturally while visiting I had to get a glimpse of the beloved Denver Post.

20120730-190701.jpgSee you in December, Colorado!