6.3.18 Media Jobs List

June is officially here, which means you all are probably thinking more about vacay than work. Rather than list all journalism jobs this week, I sprinkled in a few marketing gigs.

SheKnows is looking for a Director of Influencer Marketing. If you have a posse of big-time social media “pals,” this is the job for you. More here.

This freelance gig with Arrivedo keeps popping up on my radar, but I can’t say I know anything about the company. If you are looking to do some travel writing while sitting at home in your PJs though, this may be up your alley. More here.

If you are right out of college or new in your journalism career, this Editorial Assistant job with Shape sounds pretty cool. Ideally candidates should have a previous internship that focused on beauty and/or fitness. For those who are more seasoned, Shape is looking for an Executive Editor with 7 to 8 years of digital experience. More here.

The travel-meets-food site Roads & Kingdoms is looking for a New York-based Digital Producer. If you are a food lover, you must check out this beautiful site. More here.

Pouring over gorgeous photography and compelling stories, seriously, who didn’t dream of working for Nat Geo as a kid? National Geographic is on the hunt for a Senior Content Director and an Instagram Account Director. More here.

As a hypochondriac, I find myself on WebMD researching my latest ailment more frequently than I’d like to admit, which is why I could never apply for their Associate Editor job. If you have the strength to write about illnesses and disorders without worrying that you are going to keel over, then this job is for you. More here.

If your interests are a.) health, b.) the big blue planet we call Earth, or c.) all of the above, then mosey on over to MindBodyGreen, and read all about their Social Media Manager gig. More here.

After laying off a third of their newsroom in March, The Denver Post is hiring a Breaking News Reporter and a Senior Editor. [scratches head …]

Happy job hunting! xo, marissa

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5.27.18 Media Jobs List

Keep those #SundayScaries at bay. Here it is — this week’s roundup of cool media jobs!

One of my fave food websites, Food52, is hiring a part-time copy writer along with a food writer/recipe developer. More here.

Northstar Travel Media is in need of a new senior hotels editor to write stories for their Travel Weekly publication. More here.

Los Angeles magazine is on the hunt for a social media manager. More here.

The Evening Standard is hiring a NYC-based reporter to cover VIPs (think the royals and celebs). More here.

Time Out LA is looking for a new City Life Editor. More here.

Vox Media’s website Curbed, which covers everything on city living, is hiring a D.C. editor. More here.

Brit + Co. is looking for a Freelance Snapchat Editor, along with a Beauty Editor. More here.

Tasting Table needs a part-time editorial intern to work in their Manhattan office. More here.

Dow Jones is hiring several business and financial writers and editors. More here.

Outside Magazine is looking for a new assistant editor to work in their Sante Fe office. More here.

LinkedIn is on the hunt for a new copy writer. (I assume you should use LinkedIn to apply.) More here.

Resources for Women in Journalism

Recently I’ve had several women reach out to me about pursuing a freelance writing career. So, I figured it might be helpful to create a quick list of resources for women who are looking to pursue a career in journalism and are looking for a little guidance along the way. Here you go!

Poynter is offering free 30-minute career coaching phone calls for women in journalism. More here.

The International Women’s Media Foundation has a list of opportunities on their website for grants and fellowships around the world. More here.

On October 12 through 14, 2018, the Journalism and Women Symposium is hosting its annual CAMP (Conference and Mentoring Project) in Oregon. Check out the lineup of events.

For $149, you can become a member of the Alliance for Women in the Media, which includes all sorts of awesomeness like networking events, online discussion forums, along with access to their exclusive job board and research portal. Sign up here.

Also, a fellow colleague told me about this cool e-newsletter the other day. Every month journalist Betsy O’Donovan e-mails out a long lists of fellowships, grants and awards that journalists can apply to in order to help elevate their career. Sign up here.

Also, if you feel like you need guidance as you establish yourself as a writer, consider a mentorship. Last year I wrote a story for MediaBistro on the importance of mentorship in the communications industry with tips on finding a mentor and maintaining the relationship. Check it out.  


5.20.18 Media Jobs List

Well folks, there are some pretty cool gigs on the job market right now. Check them out.

Here in RVA, The Community Idea Stations WVCE is in need of a part-time music host to fill in as needed. More here.

Garden & Gun is accepting internship applications for full-time interns in their editorial, creative services, marketing , photography and retail departments. The internship is six months long and only open to grads. More here.

Girls’ Life Magazine, which I used to read when I was a young lass, is looking for interns to work in their Baltimore, Maryland office. More here.

Twitter needs a senior copywriter to work in their San Francisco office. More here.

My former employer XOGroup is looking for a photo director for their brands The Knot, The Nest, The Bump, GigMasters and How He Asked. More here.

Regional food magazine The Local Palate is on the hunt for a new digital editor with at least three years experience. More here.

Marijuana Business Daily in Denver needs a new graphic designer. (I assume marijuana experience is preferred.) More here.

Etsy is in need of a new internal communications specialist with two to four years work experience. More here.

E-tailer Need Supply Co. is on the hunt for a L.A.-based editorial lead to head up content across their platforms. More here.

Salon is looking for a general news writer who can cover daily breaking news. More here.

Texas Monthly needs a copy writer to create content for their special advertising sections and custom mags. More here.

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5.13.18 Media Jobs List

A few times a week I troll  MediaBistro, JournalismJobs and corporate media sites to see what kind of jobs are out there. I usually send these gigs to writer/editor friends, or if they are freelance, apply to them myself. Here are a few ones that caught my eye this past week.

Journalism Jobs

Dwell, who I write for regularly, is hiring an associate editor in their New York office and a senior digital designer in their San Francisco office. More here.

The Kitchn, Apartment Therapy’s foodie sister site, needs a part-time social media intern. And it pays! More here.

Eater’s Nashville chapter is hiring a city editor. More here. And Eater is looking for a features editor who can … wait for it … work remotely! More here.

Travel & Leisure is on the hunt for both an assistant digital editor and an associate digital editor for their website. More here.

Marie Claire is in need of a new senior news and culture editor of their website. More here.

Food website Delish is hiring an assistant editor. More here.

DREAM JOB ALERT: Bon Appetit is on the hunt for a new staff writer. More here.

Hearst needs a beauty editor to contribute to Good Housekeeping, Prevention, Redbook and Woman’s Day. More here.

Preface: I applied for this gig. Metropolis wants to hire a freelance writer to create branded content. More here.

Refinery29 needs a new beauty editor. But, sadly the job is all the way in London though [womp womp]. More here.

Skyword’s content team needs a new editor. (They specifically say no freelance folks. Noted.) More here.

Washingtonian needs a savvy staff writer who can “get people talking.” More here.

An Intro on How to Pitch Publications

Hi there, Friends!

I’m teaching a few writing workshops at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond on the ins and outs of freelancing, and I wanted to share a little sneak peek of my class. Below is an excerpt from my writing workshop on pitching publications. These are just a few things I’ve gleaned over the past 9 years on pitching various magazines, newspapers and websites. In my writing workshop, the pitching segment of the class also will addresses types of pitches (with examples), my pitching pro-tips, how to brainstorm story ideas, and what to do when an editor doesn’t respond to your query.

The second half of my class will address how to turn one story idea into many, along with the writing/editing procedures that follow after you’ve been assigned as story.

Best, Marissa


With the current climate of the media, editors are relying on freelancers more than ever. They are looking to hire writers who are in-the-know and can pitch great stories.

WHAT IS PITCHING? Pitching is sending an editor a story proposal (AKA query) that summarizes what you will write in your story while also explaining why the story is relevant, timely and a fit for the publication.

BEFORE YOU PITCH you need to do research on your story idea and the publication you are pitching. 

    • While researching the subject-matter, make sure you have a specific angle that makes your story unique and authentic. If you want to get on an editor’s radar, be sure you craft story pitches that are well-researched, relevant and insightful. Nothing annoys editors more than broad topic story pitches without a defined angle.
    • Read the publication. Familiarize yourself with the magazines/newspaper/website’s sections. If it’s a magazine, see what kind of stories are published in the front-of-book and features sections. See what columns are regularly featured from issue to issue. Study the publication so you can understand where the story will fit.
    • Scope out the publication’s website and see if they have posted any pitching guidelines or an editorial calendar.


    • Pitches much like stories come in all shapes and sizes. Some are brief and to-the-point and others are longer and more in-depth.
    • When you write your story proposal, make sure all your ducks are in a row, and be prepared to answer any follow-up questions your editor may have. You’ll want to include the who, what, when, where, why of the story.
          • For instance, you’ll want to include statistics and research to back up your idea, list what people you are going to interview, and explain why the timing is right. If you are an expert or have a personal tie to the story, you explain that as well.
    • The style and tone in which you write your pitch is crucial to you receiving the assignment. While your story proposal should be pithy and straightforward, it shouldn’t lack in personality. Write the pitch like you’d write the story.

For more on pitching stories, read my article “How to become your editor’s MVP” on MediaBistro. And to sign up for one of my freelance writing workshops, visit VisArts’ website.

Freelance Writing Workshops at VisArts

Photo courtesy of VisArts

I’m teaching a few more freelance workshops at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond this summer (on June 2 and August 18) and am adding some new content to my class. While we still will be talking about brainstorming and pitching stories, selling your work and the editing process, I’m also going to be touching on how you can turn one story into many (AKA more $$$). Feel free to sign up for the class here, or let your friends know! And for those of you who took the last class, don’t fret, I’m going to update my notes with the new info and email it your way. — marissa