Charlottesville story in Southern Living’s May Issue

In the May issue of Southern Living, I wrote “A Perfect Day In Charlottesville.” The little travel piece features four C’villians who tell you where to go and what to do when visiting the area. Be sure to grab a copy of the magazine off newsstands. cheers, marissa

2 thoughts on “Charlottesville story in Southern Living’s May Issue

  1. Ty Cooper says:

    So you put out an article featuring Charlottesville with NO DIVERSITY? Were you lost or was your eyes closed? A decent amount of people want to know.

    • marissahermanson says:

      Hi Ty, I used to live in Charlottesville (now am in Richmond) and know firsthand that Charlottesville is a diverse and dynamic city. Its community is what makes it the progressive, thoughtful city that it is today.

      The people featured in the story were chosen because of their accomplishments in varying areas — music, food, retail, etc. In the end, the editors at Southern Living have final say in who they put in the magazine. I will certainly pass along your comment to the travel editors, as I’m a contracted writer. I’ve written a handful of stories for the magazine in the past that have included people of varying backgrounds, so I know firsthand that the magazine does care about diversity.

      Please let me know of any recommendations of people for the future. cheers, marissa

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