Old & New Moccasins

I wrote a story for Breathe’s Nov-Dec issue about a moccasin maker in Atlanta, Ga. In my quest to write more about regional artisans, I thought featuring Patricia and her craft of hand sewing and beading moccasins would be great. To check out Patricia’s other moccasin designs, visit her etsy store here.

Good Giving Guide

I started Christmas shopping today. It was altogether frightening and exciting. I have to admit, I’m more for online shopping. While out and about today, I got gifts for my mom and dad — and maybe myself, too. Oh, TJ Maxx, you get me every time.

If you are looking for gift inspiration, be sure to check out the gift guide we put together for Breathe. We hand-picked our favorite items for the Nov-Dec issue. Awesome wrapping paper, gift cards and postcards from our favorite letter press ladies. Gifts for the outdoor adventurer. Gifts for the kitchen adventurer. Good stuff.

I wish you all happy, safe and not-so-stressful shopping experiences this holiday season! cheers, marissa

Embrace the Yurt

I’m one of those people who gets really into what I write about. For the latest issue of Breathe — it was the idea of yurts. Some of the people I interviewed for my story have yurts as their primary residence and said they embraced the idea of yurt living because it allows them to avoid having a mortgage and house payments. (What a great idea!) Other people I spoke with built their yurt as a low-cost getaway where they could get off the grid and be surrounded by nature.

As much as I love the idea of a yurt, I don’t know if I could go whole-hog and live in one full time, just because I have so much stuff (#firstworldproblems). I definitely could get down with the idea as having one as a getaway though. I did some Pinteresting while writing my story for Breathe and found these three super cozy yurts. Would you ever live in a yurt full time?

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Holidays Tapas-Style

In Breathe’s Nov-Dec issue we featured tapas recipes for the holidays. Instead of coming up with a full-on spread with the turkey and all the fixins, we wanted to do something a little different. With company parties and cocktail soirees this season, I figured finger food recipes would be a good bet.

I spent five hours in my kitchen preparing these recipes for our photo shoot, and can honestly say they are easy to make and delicious. My favorite recipe is the sweet potato cornbread muffins (with bacon inside!). I’m going to make them for Thanksgiving. Absolutely delicious. Feel free to share your holidays recipes. Would love to hear what you all are making!

Breathe November-December issue release

This issue really makes me happy, because so much went into it. A majority of the writing, photographing, cooking, food styling, crafting and glitterizing (adding glitter to something) all went down in-house. I’m so proud of all the hard work and creativity that went into Breathe’s holiday issue.

Amanda, our designer, spent many an evening staying up late in the Breathe attic, crafting and DIY-ing holiday gifts — fashioning mason jar snow globes, hand-painting cocktail napkins and glitterizing miniature dinosaur figurines and world landmarks (these went into the snow globe).And then there was the epic day of cooking. I spent five hours doused in flour, covered in beaten-egg and on-foot in my kitchen, cooking for our Holidays Tapas-Style feature story, which we ended up photoshooting right on my coffee table, an old, wooden trunk.

Out of all the issues Amanda and I have put out, this has to be the issue where we’ve been the most resourceful. Goes to show that with a lot of love and pride, you can pull off any feat.

Q&A with Scott Avett

The Avett Brothers are pretty busy guys. We had to reschedule our phone interview several times over the course of a month because they were busy touring, recording and making television appearances. We finally found a time to talk right before we sent the October issue to press. Scott Avett sat down with Breathe (via phone) to dish about their new album “The Carpenter,” life on the road and their Legendary Giveback Concert with Cheerwine. To read the interview, click here and turn to pages 12 and 13.

Be sure to enter Breathe’s giveaway, where you can win a copy of the new album, two cases of Cheerwine and a Legendary Giveback Avett Bros T-shirt. Click here to enter.