10.1.18 Media Jobs List

I am long overdue in posting a job list, so here you are! Full disclosure: I write for Domino and Dwell regularly, and was a correspondent for XO Group, so endorse all three companies with two big thumbs up. — marissa 

Dwell.com is looking for an online editor in their San Francisco office with at least 2 years of relevant online writing and editing experience. They also are looking for a part-timer to help support their editorial team, and an associate social media manager. More here.

Eater.com is on the hunt for a part-time associate editor and they are considering remote workers! They also are in need of a city editor to head up their New Orlean’s chapter.

Domino.com is taking on digital editorial interns. This is a legit paid internship where you’ll be writing and doing SEO, not the kind of internship where you’ll be running to get coffees.

On the regular I stalk Whole Foods‘ job board, because WFM is an amazing company with amazing benefits. (I may have recently applied for a copywriter job with the company too.) Anyways, if you work in the communications world, take a gander at their marketing and writing gigs. Great opportunities!

XO Group is in need of a real weddings editor for The Knot and an ecommerce editor to create shopping content for The Knot and The Bump. More here. Just last week it was announced that XO Group and Wedding Wire are merging, so if you are looking for an editorial gig in the wedding industry, be sure to keep checking back.

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