Shepherdstown, West Virginia travel story in Southern Living


Pick up a copy of Southern Living’s May issue to read my travel story on Shepherdstown, West Virginia, a charming little town an hour-and-a-half drive from Washington, D.C. My story highlights the cool places to shop and tasty places to eat in the little town of 1,700 people. Also in this issue, my friend and fellow journalist Kristin Luna wrote a wonderful travel piece on Louisville, Kentucky’s East Market District. It’s always a treat to share some ink with writers you admire. Happy reading!

Virginia travel stories in Southern Living

southern living april 2014 coverHey friends,

I wrote a travel story on Lynchburg, Virginia, that is published in the April issue of Southern Living. Lynchburg always will have a special place in my heart. After leaving Colorado, I lived in Lynchburg for about two years and worked at the town’s newspaper as a page designer and copy editor. When I moved there I was lost and confused and ended up finding myself and a tribe of people I have come to love. So, having this travel story published means very, very much to me. Be sure to grab a copy. My story is only printed in the MVA travel zones, which are distributed in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

Also, back in November Southern Living published a travel story I wrote on where to shop in Charlottesville, Virginia, on their website. Read that story here.

I have a few other travel pieces I wrote for Southern Living that I’m hoping to see in print soon. Stay tuned!

Cheers, marissa

My last issue as editor of R•Home

rhome mag_marchapril2014

The March/April issue of R•Home mag was my last issue as editor, and coincidentally it was an “artful” issue. I left my job at Richmond mag mid-January to take on a new job opportunity as communications manager with the Visual Arts Center of Richmond. So, it goes to show that as I was wrapping up my last issue of R•Home, my mind was already embracing a new artistic perspective.

Here’s the line-up of R•Home content:

Department stories

The Goods Pantone’s colors of the year — Radiant Orchid
The Expert The art of collecting: Buying art for your home is as simple as knowing what you like
The Gallery Gallery Hopping: What’s happening now in Richmond’s art scene
At Home The Trouble with Sofas
Favorites Decisively on Display: Kenneth Byrd uses his merchandising background to accessorize his home with precision
Gardening Hardy Heirlooms: Zinnias take a licking and keep on ticking, beautifully
DIY Magnetic Beauty: Make the fridge even cooler with this quick, easy project
Viewpoint The Interpreter: Designer Thom Filicia wants to help clients express the narrative of their lives
Occasions Not-so-secret success: The Underground Kitchen surfaces for its first dinner event
Calendar March & April events: What’s happening around town
Q&A The new Bridget Beari: Susan Jamieson’s palette now includes a new line of graphic wallpapers
Back Page Stuff we like: Fern & Roby speakers, Justin Tran prints and spring reading material

Feature stories

Conversation Pieces: Ted Elmore’s Fan home inspires discussions on art, culture and beauty
Bring on the Light: A family transforms a dark Tudor into a bright, cheery home inside and out
Readers’ Favorites 2014

And here are some behind-the-scenes photos …

It has bee a blessing to work on R•Home with so many talented writers, editors, stylists, photographers, illustrators, and art directors in the past year. As I turn to a new chapter in my life, I’m so happy I have these ones to flip through and look back on. Thank you, all! cheers, marissa

Richmond magazine’s Weekend Escapes issue

richmond mag_march2014One of the last projects I worked on as associate editor at Richmond magazine was helping put together the travel package “Weekend Escapes” for the March issue. I wrote about an outdoor adventure I took to Bath County, Virginia, where I spent a few days mountain biking, fly fishing, kayaking, canoeing and relaxing at Natural Retreat’s Meadow Lane properties. I was excited to see that my travel story made the cut for the cover. What a great image of beautiful Bath County! Grab a copy from newsstands! cheers, marissa

Richmond magazine’s 2014 Sourcebook

Richmond mag feb 2014In Richmond mag’s 2014 Sourcebook (February issue), I wrote the following stories. Be sure to pick up a copy of the mag to read them + watch the hedgehog video that is linked below.

Fast Friends Who and what to follow on social media

Innovative Renovations From industrial lofts to historic farmhouses, Richmond residents remake their spaces by drastically altering floorplans

Before You Buy Richmond’s home experts suggest five things to consider when purchasing a home

A Taste For the Exotic Meet some of the region’s unusual pets (To watch a video that accompanies my story about Spud the hedgehog, click here.)

Recent Richmond magazine clips

Finally getting around to updating the site with stories I’ve written for Richmond and R•Home magazines. Here are some of my recent clips.

Restaurant review: Phoenix Garden Vegetarian You won’t miss the meat at this vegetarian and vegan food cart. | Read the story

Q&A: The Heart of Hospitality The Kinfolk Table co-author Rebecca Parker Payne talks about life around the table. | Read the story

Travel: Colonial Williamsburg From pre- to post-revolutionary eras, Colonial Williamsburg is brimming with plenty of design inspiration. | Read the story

Styling: Good Morning The owners of The Magpie share recipes that will wake you up. | Read the story

Restaurant review: Perfect Pairings Albino Monkey + bacon-wrapped seared scallops at The Savory Grain | Read the story

Q & A: Crowning Craftsmanship Artist Sonya Clark weaves metaphorically and literally with hair and textiles. | Read the story 

Home: Little House, Big Philosophy A minimalist renovates her first home. | Read the story

Shopping: Retail on the Rise These shops add new faces and flair to the fabric of several neighborhoods. | Read the story

Parks Guide: There’s fun for fido too A guide to dog parks in the Richmond area. | Read the story

Parks Guide: Explore new sports and animal life A guide to kids parks in the Richmond area. | Read the story


R•Home’s January/February issue

RHome Jan:Feb coverTo welcome the New Year, R•Home magazine’s January/February issue features our annual Hot List, the top 10 innovators in Richmond’s design scene. We cherry-picked the coolest people, places and things that you should keep your eye on in 2014, ranging from the beautification of the Arts District, the Leigh Street Armory’s transformation into the Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia, and artists like potter Tasha McKelvey. We also feature two eclectic West End homes, brunch recipes by The Magpie, a Q&A with co-author of The Kinfolk Table Rebecca Parker Payne, and much more. You can buy a copy at Urban Farmhouse locations, Martin’s stores, as well as the Barnes & Noble at Libbie Place. Happy 2014! cheers, marissa

10 Words that haunt my dreams

There are some words that make our ears ache and corneas burn. It may because the word is overused, or it’s improperly used, or perhaps it just gives you the willies. I’m going to give you, dear reader, a run down of 10 words that haunt my dreams (in no particular order).

Pop — This is probably the most overused word in the world of home-decor writing. Examples: The fuchsia pillow gives the sofa a pop of color. Those drapes really make the room pop. The word really makes my eyes want to pop out of my sockets and bad words pop out of my mouth. (Synonyms that are just as horrific: splash.)

Swoon — [Shaking my head with my eyes closed right now. I can't even talk about this word.]

Dreamy — Dear Pollyanna, It’s 2013. Two-thousand-thirteen.

Literally — I’m going to venture a guess that literally 98 percent of the time I hear the word literally it’s improperly used. Do not use this to emphasize your statement. Before this word comes out of your mouth, ask yourself: “Did this happen in real life?”

Smattering — I read this word as a combination of “smother” + “batter,” two physically abusive words. So when I read on some lifestyle blog post out there on the interwebs that a food blogger served a “smattering of appetizers,” I feel verbally assaulted.

Go-to — This word is just unnecessary. Example: This Kate Spade tote is my go-to purse. Gin and tonics are my go-to cocktail after a long day at the office. Obviously, because you are using it.

Tried and True — I posted on Facebook awhile ago about how much this phrase upsets me, and my dear friend Nick, a Brit, said that that isn’t even a phrase used in Old Blighty. Apparently, the phrase used there is “trusted and true.” Either way, Brit or American version, it’s a cliche and overused these days.

Inspire — Everything is so inspiring these days. It’s a generalization announcing that something is novel, engaging, special, interesting (this word upsets me too — vague alert), amazing, etc. etc. everything that’s fantastic jumbled together.

Curate — I received an email from a writer recently after she submitted a story telling me that she purposely avoided using the word “curate,” because it’s so overused these day. Another editor I know voiced the same opinion. You see it everywhere these days, and everyone is a curator in their own home and life, making informed stylish decisions.

Whimsy — I read this word across the board of lifestyle blogs, from DIY to weddings. Example: The lace overlay adds a touch of whimsy. (Also, touch + whimsy = super cliche.)

As you can tell, I dislike tuity-fruity adjectives and cliches. I don’t write words that I wouldn’t say out loud. I prefer a more organic and conversational writing style, not something that looks like the writer went down Adjective Avenue in Thesaurus-town.

Please share with me the words that haunt your dreams. cheers, marissa

R•Home November/December issue

RHome Nov:Dec issue coverR•Home’s Nov/Dec issue just came back from the printer and will be on newsstands next week. Buy a copy at Urban Farmhouse, Martin’s or the Barnes & Noble at Libbie Place.

This issue features a Midcentury Modern home in the West End that was transformed with kitchen and bathrooms renovations by Visible Proof. The house was also updated with contemporary Danish furniture and Asian artwork. We have a festive food spread with recipes and entertaining tips from Raul Cantu of Nacho Mama’s. For our crafty readers, we have a floral guide on how to make a holiday wreath, garland and centerpiece by Rhea Calpeno of Photosynthesis Floral Design. Also, the Central Virginia chapter of NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) awarded their Contractor of the Year Awards in September and we showcased the winning home renovations in the mag. And, there is much, much more. Be sure to watch the issue trailer below to get a sneak peek. — marissa