Colorado in the summer

20120730-190032.jpgI just got back from visiting my parents and brother in Colorado. Spent six days between Denver and Breckenridge and it wasn’t nearly enough time to do all the things I wanted to do. Was hoping to get to Aspen and Boulder to see friends. Definitely next time. Check out some iPhone photos I snapped from my recent adventure.

20120730-190048.jpgGot to spend a few days with my older brother. People have mistaken us for twins in the past, which I find funny because he is a good nine inches taller than me.

20120730-190111.jpgMy parents have a gorgeous view from their front deck. Woke up and drank my coffee on their front patio every morning. Heaven.

20120730-190124.jpgMy bro and I took out the mountain bikes for a spin in the rain.

20120730-190138.jpgBought a new pair of 4FRNT Madonnas while I was out there. Thank god for summer ski sales!

20120730-190207.jpgOne morning we walked downtown to take a gondola ride. The gondola goes up Peak 8 with a stop in Cucumber Gulch and another right before Peak 8 base.


20120730-190243.jpgWe brought my bro’s dog Sophie along for the gondola ride. She didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as we did.



20120730-190411.jpgMy mom and I spent one morning biking from Breckenridge to Frisco.




20120730-190524.jpgSome bad weather put a damper on our biking trip though.

20120730-190534.jpgOn our last day in mountains, we drove over to the Sapphire Point Overlook at Lake Dillon. Check out these gorgeous views!




20120730-190638.jpgMy bro lives in downtown Denver, so naturally while visiting I had to get a glimpse of the beloved Denver Post.

20120730-190701.jpgSee you in December, Colorado!

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